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Bear Butte State Park

Bear Butte State Park
20250 Hwy 79

Mato Paha or "Bear Mountain" is the Lakota name given to this site. To the Cheyenne, it is "Noahvose." This geological formation is one of several intrusions of igneous rock in the Black Hills that formed millions of years ago. The mountain is sacred to many American Indian tribes who come here to hold religious ceremonies. Please be respectful of worshippers and their religious practices.

Many American Indians see Bear Butte as a place where the creator has chosen to communicate with them through visions and prayer.

During your visit, you will see colorful pieces of cloth and small bundles or pouches hanging from the trees. These prayer cloths and tobacco ties represent the prayers offered by individuals during their worship. Please respect these offerings and leave them undisturbed.


Historical interest
Horseback Riding


Boat Ramp
Drinking water
Fishing dock
Horse camp
Picnic Shelter
Vault toilets
Visitor Center

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