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Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park

Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park
12301 Burnt Store Road

Visitors can take advantage of opportunities to hike, fish, paddle and observe wildlife in the park's many natural communities, including mangrove forests, marshes, scrub habitats and pine flatwoods. Most of the park is shallow water fringed by mangroves, providing amazing opportunities to view wading birds, manatees, dolphins and other wildlife.

The park is best accessed by kayak or canoe. Portions of two paddle trail systems wind through the park. Hikers and bird watchers can access Charlotte Harbor's upland areas at pedestrian walk-throughs available in each section of the park and explore the wildlife found along three marked trails.

Visitors can also enjoy the resources provided by the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC) located in the park near Punta Gorda. CHEC is a non-profit group that offers a visitor's center, environmental education programs, interpretive guided hikes and six miles of marked trails.

Visitors are welcome to explore other areas of the preserve, unless posted as closed, but should be aware that these areas are of remote and primitive wilderness. Visitors should take a compass, a map and sufficient water for their trip. No restrooms or drinking water are available.


Park trails are open for off-road biking unless otherwise posted. No trails are dedicated for biking only.  Helmets are highly recommended for all cyclists and Florida law requires helmets for cyclists age 16 and under.

Birding is available throughout the park.

Many boaters like to visit the remote beaches along the park shoreline.

Fishing is available throughout the park unless posted otherwise. A Florida fishing license may be required.

Explore the park in a new and challenging way. Experienced Geocachers have requested permission to hide caches containing trinkets, treasures, or information in various places around the park.  Please check the Geocaching website for the most current and up-to-date information and clues to locate these caches.

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Canoe Kayak Launch
Paddlecraft launches are available at County boat ramps in many areas of the park.  The only dedicated launch site in the park is on Old Burnt Store Road in Cape Coral.

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